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May 17th, 1907

 Recital madness!

The full recital list has now been announced - please head over to the Recitals page for more information.

May 15th, 1907

 Put this on your To-Do List today!

Don't forget to pre-order Oh Perilous World today! It's just the right thing to do. The website also lists an additional song that the CMJ people must not have known about, "We Stay Behind" - so yay! More Rasputina goodness! :)

May 3rd, 1907

 Recital Dates

As the last update mentioned, Rasputina will be touring this summer. Some dates have already started popping up (some go on sale this weekend!):

07-07 Detroit, Michigan @ Magic Stick
07-10 Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Varsity Theater
07-11 Kansas City, Misourri @ The Record Bar
07-12 Denver, Colorado @ Bluebird Theater
07-16 Portland, Oregon @ Hawthorne Theater
07-17 Seattle, Washington @ Neumos
07-19 San Francisco, California @ Great American Music Hall
07-24 Tucson, Arizona @ Club Congress
07-29 New Orleans, Louisiana @ House of Blues
08-04 Lexington, Kentucky @ The Dame

May 3rd, 1907

 More album info; Merlora Charity event

On June 26, 1907 Rasputina will release their long awaited new studio recording "Oh Perilous World". There will be three formats: Vinyl LP, CD and a limited edition deluxe CD (which will include a bonus CD and some other cool thing we are still deciding on). There will be a special pre-order at the new Rasputina merch store starting May 15 (with another cool bonus for ordering we're still deciding on). And to cap it all, a series of recitals will commence July 5 and continue for the whole month of July and into August.

Watch the web site and My Space page for more exciting news, artwork and music coming soon!

Also Melora would like to announce a very special charity event. She is offering to produce/record a song for the Hawthorne Valley School's fund-raising auction. Minimum bid is $500. Go to: http://www03.charityfolks.com/cfauctions/auction_verticalngo.asp?slrid=288 for all the details.

April 19th, 1907

 New album title: Oh Perilous World! and tracklist!

Rasputina's New Album Set For June Release
2007-04-19 12:11:25.947,
Story by: Tom Duffy

Brooklyn chamber-rock outfit Rasputina are set to release their sixth full-length album, Oh Perilous World!, June 26 via Filthy Bonnet. Following the release of her 2006 solo album, Perplexions, singer/lead celloist Melora Creager spent the last two years scouring over daily world events and adapting them into songs.

"I wrote the songs featured on Oh Perilous World! over the last two years when I realized that current world events were more bizarre than anything I could scrounge up from the distant past," she says. "I obsessively read daily news on the Internet and copied words, phrases and whole stories that especially intrigued me and compiled a vast notebook of this material."

Original from Kansas, Creager moved to New York at 18, where she began playing her cello in rock bands. She joined local band Ultra Vivid Scene, who recorded three albums for cult British label 4AD and went on to open for the Pixies and Throwing Muses. But it was after touring with Nirvana as a cellist on their In Utero tour that she decided it was time to branch out on her own, thus creating Raspuntina.

Oh Perlious World! is performed by Creager, alongside drummer Jonathon TeBeest with second chair Sarah Bowman.

Tracklist For Oh Perilous World!:
01. 1816, The Year Without A Summer
02. Choose Me For A Champion
03. Cage In A Cave
04. Incident In A Medical Clinic
05. Draconian Crackdown
06. Child Soldier Rebellion
07. Oh Bring Back The Egg Unbroken
08. Old Yellowcake Breaking News
09. In Old Yellowcake
10. A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me
11. The Pruning

Thanks to CMJ News for this very exciting news!

March 26th, 1907

 New (old) interviews

The Library has been updated with a 1997 interview from ROCKGRL magazine - click here to read it. Also, I just added a very interesting 2005 interview from Aural Minority - click here to read it.

March 20th, 1907

 Official Email - New album news!!


The release date for our new album is set-in-stone, June 26.

Please come see us at thee following recitals, see below.
Sarah Bowman will be sitting in 2nd chair, and The Bowmans will be opening.

Don't forget to sign Al Gore's climate change proclamation.
Today is the last day for that.
It doesn't matter if you like him or not. I'm sure we're all into making a statement for survival.

Fri-Apr-13 Northampton, MA — IRON HORSE MUSIC HALL

Love from Your Pal,

March 4th, 1907

 Spring East Coast Tour

Rasputina will be on tour in April, hopefully in your neck of the woods!:

April 6 - Gramercy Theatre
New York, New York

April 7 - The Trocadero
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 9 - WAMC Performing Art Studio
Albany, New York

April 10 - Higher Ground
South Burlington, Vermont

April 11 - Regent Theatre
Arlington, Massachusetts

April 12 - Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River, Massachusetts

April 13 - Iron Horse
Northampton, Massachusetts

April 21 - SUNY Purchase
Purchase, New York

February 23rd, 1907

 Partially Grand Opening (Pardon our dust!)

The website is now up and running. Well, sort of. As you'll no doubt notice, lots of pages aren't working. Rest assured, they are being worked on, and will be working soon! In the meanwhile, you can access the library of interviews that most people came to the old website for, among other things. Keep checking back, as content will be added as quickly as time allows.

Also, in more exciting news, Rasputina have announced some recitals for this coming April, so go see them if they're coming your way (you lucky people, you).

February 20th, 1907

 Insomnia can be useful!

The main layout is complete. Huzzah! I need to put some picture on the welcome page, because it needs something to fill it out. After that, I'll just continue working on the other parts of the website, and whatever's done by Friday morning is being uploaded and the doors will be thrown open, so to speak. I cannot believe it took me over a year to get this far. Bad webmistress! Bad! I pledge to do better this year.

February 19th, 1907

 Delays, Delays...

I'm sick and tired of this website NOT being open. It's taken far longer than I anticipated, and I feel terrible. What I'm going to do for now is this: Finish the new layout, and upload pages as I finish them. I'm going to start with the interview section (AKA The Library) because that's always been what people came to my older site for. I want it to be available for the people who want it there. After that, we'll just play it by ear.

March 9th, 1906

 Interviews and oddities

Today so far I have corrected a mistake (oops) in the Tour Archive, and added some missing dates & venue names. Four new interviews were added, bringing the total to 54. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to have in the photo section. So much still to do, and it's still raining outside!!

March 9th, 1906

 So much time and so little to do! Wait...strike that. Reverse it.

I am happy to report I am back online, and have been a busy girl. I closed the old Geocities page and stuck up a temporary page at the new home for the website. I've transfered all of the old interviews and articles from the Black Rainbow archive, and corrected several many typos. I've also added in a bunch of additional interviews, so people can just dig through the Library and see what they find - there are now 50 interviews & articles archived here!

It's raining very hard here in the ruins of Ohio, and this is making Rebecca very uncomfortable, as her body aches when the rain comes. My tip for the day is this: Do not get old. It is no fun.

February 7th, 1906

 Layout tweaking

I tried to make the layout so it's centered on any resolution. From every test I did, it seems to have worked. It works better with the Firefox browser, but most things do, don't they? I haven't added any new content to the website for the past few days. I think I'll just hold off until I'm back online.

January 30th, 1906

 Cry for help

Christ on a cheese cracker I mean - Goodness me! If anyone could supply me with the lyrics for Crazy Swan, I'd gladly throw roses at your feet. Minus the thorns.

I think I added another interview to the Library yesterday. I suppose tomorrow's goal is to begin work on the Photography section.

January 28th, 1906


I started working on the lyrics pages today. Has anyone noticed that what's printed in the album booklets isn't always accurate? How annoying! I tried my hardest to write out the correct words, but there were some here and there that I just could not figure out. I hope someone out there can help me out with the lyrics I was unable to decipher.

I know I worked on other pages of the website, but it's nearly four in the morning and I honestly couldn't tell you what those pages are.

January 26th, 1906


I changed the text size, because it was unsightly and annoying. Also, I added an interview that I don't think the old site had, so hey - new content! I completed a good amount of the Discography page, and filled in bits and pieces in the Biographies section. As for now, it is late and my plans only involve sleep. Good night.

January 21st, 1906


I think things are progressing nicely. I can't say exactly how, but I will continue to think in this fashion as long as it keeps the madness at bay.

January 19th, 1906

 Black Rainbow/Tour Archive, and an offer.

I added the members list for Black Rainbow, which is a lot smaller than it used to be, due to a change in the rules. I'm pretty sure I have new members to add, but they're safely tucked away in my e-mail inbox where I'm unable to reach them. So that will be taken care of shortly. The Tour Archive is as complete as I can make it right now. I still need to fill in the rest of the 2005 dates, as well as fill some holes through the years. If anyone out there could help me out with that, I promise fresh-baked cookies to go along with my endless appreciation. Just so you know, I bake some kick-ass cookies.

January 18th, 1906

 Name Day

I decided on the very creative name Rasputina Archives, at least for now. While I have been creating the individual pages for the site, I am sadly limited as to what I can do right now. The reason being, I'm not online at home as of this writing. So I can't access the interview archives located currently at Black Rainbow, along with various other content I need. What I will do is continue to work on as much as I can, so when I am online again I can quickly finish the other sections and the site will go live. Now whether anyone will care or not is still up for debate!

January 17th, 1906


Today construction of this website officially begins. I've been toying around with a layout for some time, but I admit I have been lazy about it until now. I still don't have a name for this site, unfortunately. I decided I wanted the main website seperate from the Black Rainbow clique, so I still need to come up with a name for the actual website that isn't cheesy or stupid. I hate naming things. Perhaps a poll is in order? Until I figure that out, I have been creating basic graphics, along with pages that will slowly fill up with content.