Welcome to Black Rainbow, a web clique for Rasputina fans!

What the heck is a web clique?
A web clique lists people with a common interest (in this case, Rasputina), along with links to their websites and other various information about them. For instance, if you look at the member list of Black Rainbow, you'll see a person's name, their website, the country they live in, and their favorite song.

Why join?
A web clique is a nice way for fans to find other fans and if you're a member, it's a good way to promote your website. Plus, displaying one of the link buttons lets visitors to your site know you're a fan of Rasputina, so you can show off your fan pride!

Are there rules? Does my website need to meet certain criteria to be accepted?
Yes there are rules, and you can view them on the Join page, or just click here. As for the second question, the only real criteria is that your website doesn't crash my browser when I try to view it! You don't need to be a whiz at HTML - we try to keep a non-snob approach at Black Rainbow.

Any other questions?
Still confused? You poor dear. Feel free to send an e-mail with any additional inquiries you may have.