Venus - Issue #25 (Fall 2005)

Whatcha Watchin'? - Rasputina's Melora Creager sends a postcard from 1805
By Amber Drea

  Though Melora Creager explores the past for inspiration, she always finds a fresh way to tell tales of historical events, characters, and scientific innovation. Her cello rock trio, Rasputina, recently released a live record featuring the same lineup Creager has worked with for the last three years, and she spent the summer writing for the band's next album at her sister's motel in Strong City, Kansas — about 20 miles away from her hometown, Emporia. "It's going to have more of a cohesive story than I've ever had," she said of the new material.

  In addition to her own career, Creager now manages that of 6-year-old daughter Hollis, who contributed vocals to 2002's Cabin Fever and 2004's Frustration Plantation. "I was singing her songs to her the other day, which she hates me doing, but she claims she's a much better singer now because she sings in a more pop style," Creager said. "Maybe I prefer the crazy baby style."

Movies: Howl's Moving Castle. I see many movies.

Boob tube: I have cable and I watch Turner Classic Movies constantly. I do watch some of the HBO series — Six Feet Under, The Sopranos when it's on. That's why I have TV, for those two channels.

Eats: I'd have to say sushi [is my favorite food]. Nobu in [Manhattan] has the best sushi, but I certainly can't afford it. I've been there once.

Hangouts: I've lived along the East River [in New York City] for almost 20 years now, and my studio is by the river and there's lots of neat places to go on the river and pretty places.

Listens: I don't listen to music that regularly. I think, a lot of times, whatever you work at you don't do other times. Like, my boyfriend is a lawyer and he has to read all the time, so he doesn't like to read...I got [Their Satanic Majesties Request by the Rolling Stones] when we were on tour. That’s pretty exciting because they're trying to be psychedelic, like Sgt. Pepper. I listen to mostly old stuff.

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