Emily Strange - 2005

Emily Strange Interview: Melora Creager of Rasputina

  Emily enters her lab and unhooks the stabilizer bindings on the Time Out Machine. She inserts 10 rechargeable batteries into the modified eight-ball and plugs it into the stereo receiver. The CD tray automatically opens and Emily flips in Rasputina's new CD titled Frustration Plantation. As tracks load into the hard drive, a low hum begins building under the cardboard side-hood. Emily begins sampling a short part of the first song to fine tune the exact location. Emily plans to a visit back in time to a fantastic and strange place called Melornia.

  .. .. .. www www wwwWWWWWOOOOoooooooooooeeeerrrrrrraacchh - Gat-TING!... BBBBBRRRRrrrrrrrrr-rumph. Ssss .. .. ..

  The Time Out Machine rattling and smoking appears on the hill overlooking a tiny wooden house. Emily pushes the Time Out Machine door open and lifts away her heavy black goggles. Gauging from her broken clock, she arrived in Melora Creager's backyard sometime in late 1899.

  Emily walks up to the door and knocks. Waiting for an answer, she goes over the list of questions she prepared for Melora on the trip. Emily hopes she can upload them to her website when she returns to 2005. Knock knock...


Hmmm, what is this and what does it do?

I love that thing! It looks to me to obviously be perhaps a Tyrolean, or Alpine dream accompanier. It plays soundtracks to human dreams.

Would you rather go back in time or to the future? Anywhere specific?

I'd much rather go back in time than forward. Or, I'd like to bring someone from long ago back here now. I would go to medieval Europe for myself, then I would move ahead a little, and bring Mary Queen of Scots to now, so she could check it out with me as her guide.

How old is your favorite Cello and where did you get it?

My favorite cello is a German one from the 1960's. I got it at a great store in Tucson, AZ called the Chicago Music Store. The store is featured in the movie, "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (that's a good movie).

Do you wear a time device?

I wear an illegible watch.

Do you prefer dawn or sunset?

Dawn, although I rarely get to see it.

How many uses do you have for red roses? black roses?

Fresh ones, no use. Dried ones are used for stuffing things. Any color will do.

Who was the last spirit you met through a ouija board?

A girl whose boyfriend, Oscar Pepper, was killed in a car accident caused by the girl's dad because Oscar was black!

Is there a 13th chair position available?

We just go from 12 to 14! Some chances we don't take.

What does E.S.P. mean to you?

When I got hit in the eye by a penny during a Marilyn Manson show, and Julia Kent and I had had a total conversation when the lights went out.

  "Are you ok?!"
  "I don't think so- I got hit in the eye!"
  "Oh my God- Can you play?"
  "I'll try!"

Who does your website?

Me and Robbie Clemovich. He's also our "merch man" on the road.

Any good Voodoo tips to share?

Don't include personal pieces of yourself in voo-doo items that you sell to strangers.

When was the last time you witnessed a Transylvanian regurgitation?

The last time I went to the public restroom at one of our shows.

What was your last alternative use for a spent cello string?

Always, they're made into necklaces.

Where is your most favorite venue you've ever performed at?

Ahh, hard one...Chicago, House of Blues.

Do you like to be on the road touring?

Yes. We get like zombies, Victorian rock & roll comedy zombies.

What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?

A live human came out of me.

What are your favorite plants?

Lamb's ear and cockleshells.

Where's the strangest place you have ever been?

Bayou Noir, Louisiana.