Riverfront Times - December 7th, 2005

By Andrew Miller
St. Louis, MO

  Originally a corset-clad trio with a costumed cult following, Rasputina has expanded its horizons. It now employs a male drummer (Jonathon Tebeest, a bold move for a group whose past rosters include only female cellists), while its latest studio release, Frustration Plantation, addresses early-1800s Louisiana instead of Victorian-era London. But for founding member Melora Creager, the biggest change took place four years ago, when she gave birth to daughter Hollis. Creager's offspring has already appeared on two Rasputina tracks — just one of the perks that come with having rock's coolest mom.

Children's corsets probably aren't healthy, but does Hollis wear any Rasputina-style clothing?

She was Corpse Bride for Halloween, so we raided the Rasputina wardrobe.

As a mother, do you feel differently about being on the road during the holidays?

We've never toured in December before, but for a couple years we spent Christmas in the studio. I'd never do that again, but we'll always work on Halloween.

Do you sing Hollis any lullabies?

We always read before bed. We're on the third book in the Lemony Snicket series. As far as what she listens to, right now it's a lot of early Genesis.

It's understandable that your home state, Kansas, is proud of you, but do you think they're taking the tribute too far by rolling their stance on evolution back to the 1800s?

I feel it's my single-handed responsibility to set them straight.

You live in New York now. Have you considered moving since having Hollis?

The city has been good to her so far, but I'm definitely looking to get out. I think kids who grow up in big cities are more sheltered. If I were a single, freewheeling lady, I would stay forever.

Does Hollis play any instruments?

She has a lot of drums she's received as gifts, and xylophones and ukuleles that we share.

Usually, parents aren't thrilled when their kids get drums as gifts, but it's fine with you?

Well, they're gifts from our drummer.

  Rasputina at Pop's, 1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget, Illinois. Show starts at 8 p.m. Monday, December 12. Tickets are $12; call 618-274-6720 for more information.