Real Detroit - September 21st, 2005

Corsets and cellos, oh my!
By Adrienne Goloda

  Melora Creager began Rasputina as a self-assigned art project. Thirteen years later, the masters of chamber-goth just released their first live album, A Radical Recital. Now, we can put on our petticoats and pretend every day!

Why is the time right for a live album?

Our shows have been really good for a long time and us three current people really love playing together … The live shows are very different from the records.

Many of your songs read like historical fairytales — childhood influence?

I was just cleaning out my parents' house where I grew up and found all my old piano books … There was a composition book with piano pieces I had written when I was very little, like 7 or something; but it was the same themes that I write now. There was one about the Great Depression and a bum begging for money and there’s one about the Swiss Alps.

Do people focus on your costuming too much?

It was more of a worry when we started out because we would get some press like, 'Girls can barely keep the rhythm in their bodice' and that kind of stuff … There’s a lot of artifice within the group but, we have an honest attitude about it. I think a lot of the fans, especially the younger ones, enjoy that as much as the music and they like to dress up themselves. What would we be without it? We’d be half of what we are.