Vanguard Party - October 2002

Rasputina: An Interview With Melora
By Krusty

As original as Rasputina is, I'm curious how you and the band have dealt with lineup changes. Where do you find musicians with similar goals, appropriate skills and talents?

Always through classified ads. It used to be through the paper, now it's through the internet. Some people that want to play with me track me down.

Where has Rasputina had success finding members, where haven't you, and what do you look for in a bandmate?

Only slightly odd girls have joined. The strict classical world is very separate from us.

Perhaps this is part of the same question: how long have you been playing your instruments, and what formal training have you had?

We've all played since we were 9 yrs. or so. I was in the Kansas Youth Symphony. K. graduated from Oberlin Conservatory, Nana studied as a child in France.

It was clear from the Pittsburgh show that Rasputina attracts a diverse audience. But a majority of the audience was clearly marked as what many would call gothic. (It's certainly a debatable claim, however.) Many critics have described the band as gothic or chamber gothic. What do you understand "gothic music" to signify?

Gothic is a trendy style thing, like a club with rules and traditions.

Is it a label you're comfortable with?

Although we’re not really Gothic, we are a trendy club with rules and traditions too.

Are there other terms you've heard that you are more comfortable with?

Rasputina isn't part of any scene. Good for us in the long run, but people really do desire quick understandings and descriptions of music. Too bad.