Local Live - October 2002

Rasputina: The Church of Chicks and Cellos
Chicago, IL

  With little more than a cello, her voice and some electricity, Melora Creager has been on a mission to create some phenomanal music. Funny at times, moody and depressing at others, the music of Rasputina is a heavy mix of Goth and a kind of psuedo-Classical thing that defies definition in the traditional sense. Rasputina is a band to be experienced in order to understand. Having in the past opened or played with bands such as Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Porno For Pyros and others of our time, the (usually) three-piece cellists have been making a name for themselves. Time you all learned it. We spoke recently with Melora and learned a little more about the band and the woman behind it. Read on and learn some. It won't hurt a bit. We promise.

Where are you now?

I'm in New York.

When and where do you start the tour?

Wednesday (October 9th) in Cleveland.

How was the last time you played in Chicago?

It was really great.

Then you played a Pagan festival in Ohio?

That was weird.

And was that the first time you played at that fest?


How long has Rasputina been together?

We've been playing since about 1989.

So it's a three piece and that's what you're touring as?


Do you guys play any instruments besides cello?

I play piano and, well, I suppose we all play piano.

Do you get airplay on the radio?

We get some airplay on college stations. I sometimes get play lists with us on it. We get a lot of people through the internet.

I understand you have a daughter?

Yes, her name is Hollis and she is three.

How does that work out when you are touring?

I don't bring her along; it's not a good idea. Her father will bring her out halfway through the tour and we will meet up for awhile.

I noticed that you have a movie coming out...

Yeah, it's called On My Knees. It's a short film with mainly me in it, and I also did the score.

Is that something you want to pursue or does music come first?

Well, it was really hard. I thought that with my experience in performing [music] would make it easy, but that wasn't the case. It was the exact opposite. And I was always being told what to do. I didn't like that part.

Has it been released yet?

We just finished it and it will probably be at the Sundance Film Festival.

Cool, hopefully it will make it to Chicago. We have some really cool theaters that play independant films: Facets, The Music Box, and others. Also, the Chicago International Film Festival is happening right now.

Wow, that sounds great. I know of one place in New York that shows all the art films.

You said that you don't like to be told what to do. How does that work out with the labels that you have been on?

Well, I never had people telling me what to do. I've always had freedom in it and with all of the artwork.

I noticed that you recorded Cabin Fever in your house. That's pretty wild.

Yeah, I recorded the music when I had free time on the computer, when the baby was asleep. Then I added the lyrics. I had to work around her.

Any pets?

No. I've had them before, but not now. I see mothers pushing a stroller with dog leashes everywhere. That's just too much.

What bands, or types of music do you listen to?

I would say mainly '70s rock, 1930s big band music, and old time music. I don't really keep up with new bands or new music.

What makes you cover other people's songs?

Usually, it's the lyrics that strike me.

My favorite Rasputina song is "Crosswalk".

Yeah, it's a doomy song. Most of the music I write is depressing.

Yeah, I like it because it's doomy, heavy, and trippy all in one song.

Live, it doesn't come out that way, because we don't have all the equipment with us that we recorded with.

Where do you get your wardrobe?

We usually find clothes in thrift stores and people sometimes just give them to us. On the last tour, our fans were giving us dolls. I enjoy getting things from fans and it means a lot to the people giving them to us.

Anything you want to mention or plug?

No, not really. Our website is at www.rasputina.com and for information on On My Knees go to www.cinemaredux.com.

Ok, it was nice talking to you, thanks!

Will you be at the show?

Of course, I have my calendar marked for October 30th at the Metro.

See you there!