Pretty Gothic Web Zine - September 2002

Beauty Secrets of Rasputina

  As the founder of Instinct Records' all-female cello band, Rasputina, Melora Creager has almost single-handedly invented neo-Victorian gothic style, and we can think of no other woman who more perfectly embodies the aesthetic ideals of Pretty Gothic. She was kind enough to take time out from her upcoming tour plans to offer her unique perspective on beauty.

What is your favorite beauty product, and what is your biggest pet peeve about makeup?

Benefit's Dr. Feelgood is my fave. It is a face balm. I do not have a bad word to say about make-up.

What effect do you think your style has on your audience's perception of your band?

I think how we look carries over our message of detail-oriented individualism. You don't need money, just a creative spirit.

What effect does motherhood have on your beauty regimen?

My 3-year-old daughter is, of course, obsesssed with my make-up and all products. She steals it, claims it is her own. I just have to hide everything. When taking care of a new baby, it seems impossible to do anything. I'm obsessed with not having dark roots, and things like that had to be forgotten for a while.

Who do you believe to be the most glamorous person who ever lived, and why?

Marlene Deitrich. She didn't have surgery, she just stuck pins in her face.

How do you feel about the reception your new album is getting, and what are your upcoming tour plans?

Everything feels really organic, like we're just communicating with fans. It's all outside the music business. We're doing another month-long tour in October.

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