SPstuff.com - November 5th, 2001

Interviewed Band: Rasputina
By Robert Lewis

Melora,do you still talk to any past members? How are they doing?

I don't. There used to always be a cloud of tension and strife over this band, but that has changed. We have alot of fun now. I'm sure the old people are fine.

How was it to work with Chris Vrenna, and have you heard the new Tweaker album?

Chris was organized, upbeat and not a big ego-diva like a lot of musicians. I heard Tweaker stuff a long time ago, but it's probably changed.

NaNa and Miss K. Cowperthwaite, how did you come about Rasputina?

Nana answered a newspaper ad & K.C. answered an internet ad. We are mail-order brides.

What advantages and disadvantages does the cello have over other instruments?

It's difficult to get reliable good sound in these clubs where we play. The cello is exotic yet homey. They are big and deserve their own airplane seat.

What was your favourite city to play in?

There are so many good ones, only the bad ones stick in my mind, but I don't want to badmouth no towns.

When do you think you will start touring? Gonna come to Houston? Please?

We think we are going to release a new album in Feb or March, and want to be touring around then. We very well COULD be in Texas then.

The new album, any label possibilities? And any idea when it will be out?

Right now, we are liking best the NY label, Instinct.

Do you have a title for it?

Working titles: Cabin Fever, The Dust Collectors, Penny-Pusher.

Can you share some song names from it?


What other instruments will it have?

A little dulcimer, piano.

Will you have anymore contests or things of that sort? What can us web fans look forward to?

We loved that contest SO much. How about a contest to name the album? I'm going to make some elaborate charts of our outfits with sketches & swatches.

Any final comments?

We can't wait to see everyone when we finally get to come out & play!